Of course the final result is important but living through a renovation is something most people don’t look forward too. Lets face it, a renovation is noisy, dusty, dirty and invasive to your every day life. We strive to work with you to make it a clean and simple experience.


Communication is key to our successful relationship. We like to keep you in the loop throughout the process. If you have questions, we will answer. If you want to learn more about the process, we will guide you through it. After all it’s your home and your renovation and we want you to be completely conformable with the entire build.

Project Calendars

On larger projects we will issue a customized calendar specific to the scope of the renovation. You will know what the plan is today, tomorrow and two weeks from now. You will know when the plumber is scheduled to be there and what type of work we are doing that day. This aspect is important for keeping our communication channels open so you understand the building process and are comfortable with our timeline.

Daily Reports

We know you are busy with work, family and life in general. Some days we may see each other, some days we may not. This is where daily reports come in to help improve our communication. At the end of the day we will file a daily report with photos that will be sent directly to your email. You will know what happened today, what the plan is for tomorrow and if we need to discuss certain details of the project. With this you see the progress in real time even if you are on stuck in the office, in traffic or stuck on vacation.

Dust Protection

A renovation is loud, dirty, dusty and invasive on your day to day life. We will do our best to minimize the impact to the rest of the home. Making sure the renovation goes smoothly is important to us. We know keeping the dust and dirt away from the rest of your home is important to you. We promise to protect the rest of your home with dust protectors, including your furniture and personal belongings. Dust will be kept to a minimum during the entire renovation, so you don’t have to worry.

Project Extra’s

We try our best to account for all that is in the project, but as you know we cannot see what is behind the walls. We know that project extra’s can be stressful during a renovation. They are equally stressful for us as they may increase our projected timeline or pose design challenges from the original design. At the end of the day we are in it together and we want what is best for you and for the project as a whole. We promise to explain any project extra’s we may run in to. We will provide you with a detailed explanation and reasoning for pricing changes.

Clean Up & Turn Over

We will take you though and explain how we built the whole project, what materials were used, if there were any challenges we faced, etc. The end goal is to give you the comfort that your project is build as well as it should be.